What is the importance of establishing the new Alamein? why now?

The new Alamein, why now?

It is a solution to the overpopulation in Alexandria and other neighboring urban cities, as its distinguished location on the northern coast, as well as the distinctive planning and with the presence of all services, facilities, and universities, why not turn to the new city of Alexandria? If it has all the modern requirements for housing, work, entertainment, and education?

Thinking about the future and opening new horizons to find solutions to the future problems that will face us is the one who pushed for the emergence of the New Alamein City project. With construction and contracting companies in Egypt, we can build this giant edifice.

Also, do not forget the magic of the northern coast and the exploitation of the tourist and entertainment side to attract an audience of tourists from all over the world to the northern coast as a whole, and the new city of Alamein is the axis of development along the northern coast and a center for beach tourism on the Mediterranean.

The structure plan of the new Alamein

The new Alamein is built on an area of ​​more than 200 million square meters with 8 platforms overlooking the sea, commercial and administrative towers and garages underneath real estate, in addition to a world tourism center, and it will be built in several stages, including the city several sectors, the most important of which are: -

  • The residential sector includes 10,000 housing units of various sizes and designs.
  • The urban and educational sector, represented by the university and a service center
  • The archaeological sector, which is the open museum and the recreational services area, "The International Park and Hotels"
  • The coastal sector, which is the hotels, the convention center, the gardens district, the hotel's district, the lake housing district, and the private resort.

Project implementation phases

The project is divided into several projects and is implemented in phases, as it includes

  • Lakes and lagoon islands
  • Bridge project above the lake.
  • Heritage city facilities
  • Housing area facilities.
  • Logical beach facilities.
  • Latin District Facilities.
  • Recreational tourist walkway.
  • Facilities for the western beach area
  • Diversion of the northern coast course
  • El Alamein power station

the first stage Includes

  • 5 thousand units for "Premium Housing" and "Egypt Housing",
    • More than a thousand housing units in the city center,
  • 350 units in the residential compound,
    • More than 4,000 units in the beach towers
  • Establishing universities

Residential unit areas

  • The apartments and housing units in New Alamein consist of social housing apartments and distinct housing apartments
  • It is estimated at about five thousand housing units and will be implemented during the first phase
  • The spaces for social housing range between 87 meters and 95 meters for distinguished housing at the highest level of finishing
  • There are also more than 15,000 hotel rooms available through the hotel district and the tourist sector in the city.

What companies work in infrastructure and roads?

The Arab Contractors are paving alternative roads for the coastal road and some routes inside the city.

As for the Urban Communities Authority and the Engineering Authority, it establishes the basic facilities such as a water station for drinking and sanitation, electricity networks, and all infrastructure requirements.

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What is the importance of establishing the new Alamein? why now?
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